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If you want to live the city life, Dallas Uptown is the place to be. There are so many quaint and trendy restaurants to visit. For quaint you will love breakfast at Bread Winners on McKinney Ave and dinner to-go at Eatzi’s on Oaklawn Ave. If you are a cook and love Italian, then you have to visit Jimmy’s Food Store for all your authentic Italian ingredients. It feels like a part of old Italy when you walk in. If you like trendy, then visit the restaurants along the Knox Henderson corridor. For those of you who like a little fun and theater, you have got to visit the Pocket Sandwich Theater. It’s a very small and quaint theater that also serves dinner prior to the show. The best part is that you can through popcorn at the actors. I would definitely have fun helping you find your home in Uptown. Just give me a call (or text if you prefer).

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